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A Dark Wyoming Wind Emma Kennedy

A Dark Wyoming Wind

Emma Kennedy

Published February 21st 2013
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Daniel Chase-Meyers II leaves Wyoming State Penitentiary a tormented man who wants only to regain his humanity. In Cheyenne he meets hard-working Jeremi Kruger whose liquid silver eyes offer acceptance and the promise of salvation. He doesnt realize his efforts to rescue her art gallery and frame shop from bankruptcy make Jeremi the target of the woman determined to kill him.Bizarre vandalism plagues Jeremis business, and a hit-and-run driver bounces Daniel into a tree. The elderly couple who help him are murdered. The frame shop is trashed and ruined. Dead bodies accumulate, all connected to Daniel. Jeremi knows he is innocent, and she knows she is next when a shattering truth is revealed and dark passions explode in the still Wyoming night.